Christopher Boda And Rambai 2

 “In 1994, my wife brought home five children who were on the streets alone and hungry. Within a year, she brought home 30 children. We knew we needed to start an orphanage.”


(Christopher) I know it firsthand what it is like to be a deprived, hungry and uncared little boy in a poor remote Banjara village. I was born in the mud, literally, and I lived in a small hut as one of 10 children. An Indian missionary found me naked, starving as a four years old boy and brought me to a Christian boarding home. And a faithful woman who had never met me sponsored me 13 years. Thanks to those two Godly people, I am able to serve God with everything I can and with everything I have. It was that personal experience that gave me and my wife Rambai a tender place in our hearts for the destitute and abandoned children of our own people.

Our childrens home (BTM) was founded in 1994 when five abandoned Banjara children with Tuberculosis were found crying and begging in the streets. Rambai’s heart was broken. “I couldn’t just ignore them and walk away,” she said”. How could the love of God be in me if I did that?” And so she brought them home and a vision for an orphanage began.

More and more abandoned children came to live with us. Five became ten and fifteen and then fifty and so on.  Eventually we realized that we would need a very large building to house and care for all the children God was sending our way. Our vision was shared, people gave, and an orphanage was built. In June of 2002 the building was complete and 335 children were welcomed into their new home. My wife and I are convinced that caring for orphans is an essential part of the Gospel message of good news.

I assure you that feeding, clothing and providing for 800+ orphans and staff everyday is an exercise in faith all by itself. BTM also supports several junior college students, many nursing students who are becoming nurses and doctors, and 130 Native Missionaries.

We want to reach out to individuals everywhere in the world to ask the question “Will you help support our mission?” For you it would probably look like putting away a few dollars a month from coffee and fast food. For us, it means an entire month of provision and schooling for a child.

YOU can be the force behind these young men and women to become great leaders tomorrow.

Our Mission

– Our mission is to love and to care for children who have been orphaned at whatever stage of their early life, with hopes that their lives would reflect Jesus and that they would return to their homes and share the good news of the Gospel.

– We are passionate about the command upon our lives in James 1:27 to care for the orphan and the widow. We exist to be the hands and the feet of the one Creator and God. He’s called us to not look down on people who are hurting and who have lost hope, but to lift up their heads and be Jesus to them.

– We believe the Holy Bible to be the inspired, the infallible and the authoritative Word of God. Eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son & Holy Spirit.